Every year toward the latter months, the American consumer converges on its retail stores to purchase gifts for their loved ones. If you’re like me, then you hope that you have a gift that is thoughtful and the recipient is well pleased. If you find yourself working too hard or stressing too much, my suggestion is to simplify. Many time’s the old adage is true: Less is more. Why not try a letter? Well thought out and eloquently conveyed words on paper is a timeless an perpetual gift. Share what you love about them, recall the moment you first met, share a funny moment that you all shared, or enlighten them with something you like about them but have never shared at all. In a world of electronic messaging, the written word has remained a timeless and treasured staple that cannot be replaced. I say we get back to Pen Pals and written notes and love letters and rekindle our relationships: parents, siblings, spouses and friends. And for a new tradition, add a little a personal note to your Christmas cards. So, Merry Christmas and Happy Writing!