This year I decided to do somthing different for our family Christmas card. Tired of seeing the typical Christmas colors and themes and not enough personal distinction, I went for something a little different. In a home full of ladies (I have 3 little girls), except for my husband, there is a lot of pink. With that being said, my little ladies and I all share the same middle name: Joy. So, what do you get when you cross three jubulant little girls with lots of pink? Well, I like to call it, Pink Joy! So, Pink Joy was my inspiration for our “very different” Christmas card this year. (Sorry, honey! You like pink anyway.)
Sparkly forsting will be added to the snowflakes and the monogram for just the right detail to make it stand out amongst the other cards on the mantle.
A warm blessing or prayer was added on the inside instead of the typical phrases. And with a “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” closing, this card is ready to be sent to all family and friends, regardless of the holiday they may be celebrating this season.