There lots of things to see and at the 2010 National Stationer Show. Lots of color and patterns filled the landscape of the tradeshow floor. But there were a few things I saw consistently that will be big this summer:
  • Monograms – they aren’t going anywhere. The monogram is classy, stylish and adds that personal touch. You can add it to cards, letterhead or decorum. You can dress is up or play it down. It is versatile and has lasted over the generations.

  • Bright Colors – Bright pinks, greens, yellows, blues, reds, purples and golds were plastered across nearly every booth. Even gray has poked its head above the spectrum. It too is a versatile color that can be coupled with any bright color for a more modern look.

  • Patterns – stationery and home decor will always run side by side in trends. You never can tell who is leading who on the trend front. Although, I did see many bold patterns that were reminiscent of upholstry fabric. Damask, geometric shapes, collaborations of curves and staight lines. Animal patterns also seemed to still be holding on.

  • Personalization – In a world of me and mine and you and yours, personalization can be a good thing. It helps to mark your property and speak your style to the world. For the sentimental ones, like myself, it can help to mark a date and time in your personal history. For the gift givers, it helps to take a general gift and transform it into a gift from the heart.


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