So, a bride said to me this week: “I love the design and I am ready to move forward. When do I need to order my invitations?”

Well, we have an answer for you. It is a question that we get quite often here at Arjaybi’s Stationery & Gifts. It is a simple four step process.

For weddings, I prefer at least three weeks of production before the date that you need them to go out in the mail (which is one month before the wedding, typically). So, say for instance that your wedding date is July 21st. Your invites should be received by your intended guests by June 21st. I need to ship them to you by June 14th, which means I would need payment by and begin production by (at the latest) May 24th.

Here’s my simple 4 Step Process: Pull out your calendar and let’s work backwards: 

Step 1) Find wedding date on the calendar. (It’s set! 25% of the battle is out of the way.)

Step 2) Move backwards 5 weeks. Leave an extra week for the invite to travel across the country. (You’re half way there!)

Step 3) Circle this date. This is your ship date! (Blazing through third place!)

Step 4) Then from there, move backwards an additional 3 weeks. Circle this date. This is the absolute latest date for Arjaybi’s Stationery & Gifts to receive payment and begin production on your fantastic invites! (Home run, baby!)

Woo hoo! I get a little excited about weddings. They are my favorite thing to do. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me regarding your wedding invite questions including allowing Arjaybi’s to custom design a suite just right for you!