With making new pushes this year in my business practices I have made it a point to post new blogs every week along with new products. A tough feat for any mompreneur, but for a black woman in February, it has proven to be not only a tough month for me, but also a dilemma. Do I post about Valentine’s Day or Black History Month? Will I confuse my target market if I post about both? So, with wrapping up the last batch of Valentine’s Day gifts (by the way, the notepads were really hot this year and flying like hot cakes) I am ready to move forward with my February campaigns.

Vday Notepads

So, after much deliberation, I have decided to use the first part of the month to post about Valentine’s Day and the second half will be dedicated to some of my fun and fantastic designs I have ready to debut. Now, of course, the Valentine’s Day designs retire at the end of the month, but the Black History Month designs will live on! So, enjoy!

The first round of Black History Month designs will give tribute to our most distinctive features: our hair and our skin tone. I keep my hair natural with no relaxer and I have done so for about 4 years. I typically choose to wear a wig due to its convenience (with three kids, you gotta take what you can get). But, I wanted to uplift my sistahs rockin’ the natural locks everyday. Rock on, with ya bad selves!

Regina Banks fro

And just when I thought I was ready to post, I see this video from Melissa Harris-Perry. Oh, yes. She sums it up so well. Enjoy!

Check them out and celebrate your black history!

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