Surely, you’ve already ordered and mailed out your Oscar Party Invites from Arjaybi’s Stationery & Gifts! And the Oscar Goes to... Having checked that item off the list, the next thing to do is plan for the ultimate party experience for your guests.

1) Go Digital. Make sure to tell your guests to bring their iPads or smart phones with them. Every needs to download the Oscar App  with cool and interactive features. Watch this cool video that tells you more about it.

If that doesn’t work, you can always go with the Oscar Nominee Ballot. Make copies and pass around!

2) Go Glam.  If you and your guests are not dressing up for the party, then you are not having all the fun that you could have! Be creative and give away awards to your best dressed, most creative and worst dressed guests.

3) Go Guru. so, the red carpet starts an hour before the show. You and your guests can critique the stars and give your feedback and who’s who, who’s hot and who’s not at the Oscars. Take it to another level by using this “Oscar Bests” ballot and casting votes.

4) Go Heathy. Instead of the typical spread of hot wings and chips and dip. Try your hand at a mix of vegetables and hummus over chicken. Do a big salad instead of dip. Unsweet tea instead of sweet. Fruit instead of your typical desserts. You’ll feel better and look better! Your guests will love you.

5) Go ‘Head, Have Fun! The purpose of get togethers and fellowship is to have a good time. So, enjoy this moments as the come and have a blast with your friends.