I told you guys new year, new groove. Well, welcome to FONT FRIDAYS – where I highlight cool fonts and use them in cool ways…because I’m cool…and fonts are cool.

So, today I bring to you two free fonts straight from Google Fonts. They are a great source for free and web friendly fonts. The scripty font is the “handwriting” font Meddon and the sans serif font is Josefin Sans. And coincidently, the two fonts can be seen all over this website because I love them so. Today, the two have converged on my concept for a Scandalous invitation to an Olivia and Fitzgerald wedding.

DISCLAIMER: I love the show, Scandal. And while Liv and Fitz have this amazing chemistry that takes me to warm and fuzzy thoughts of me and own honey, I am not a proponent for infidelity and I think Liv should have married Senator Edison Davis and stuck with normal. Fitz and Jake = #toomuchdrama.

Anywho, this blog is about fonts. And I want to inspire you to use them in cool ways. Witnessing an Olivia and Fitzgerald wedding on television would be one of the coolest things to hit network television since…well, since Jesse Pinkman got free. So, here’s a window into my creative and jumbled thought-life.

I imagine the wedding will be simple. Classic. With touches of old. No more than 50 people. And it takes place on the front porch of their Vermont home with the mountains setting the background in grand style.



And the invitation…the invitation will be classic as well. Black ink letterpressed on Crane Lettra Pearl White 220DTC with black gilded edges. The inside of the square envelopes will be lined with So..Silk Super Smooth Black Style 88T. The design and the fonts: old world with a subtle modern twist. Timeless. Simple. Broad strokes with handcrafted tails and details that give it a personal touch.

olivia-fitzgerald-wedding-invitation-front olivia-fitzgerald-wedding-invitation-back

And the dress will follow the same theme. Although, as bold as Olivia Pope is, I doubt she would wear a white dress. I could something like this vintage look being chosen. She will have to match Fitz, of course, who will be wearing a tux.


But, then again, I could see her pulling off a white suit…with a white hat.


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