UPDATE: I recently had the opportunity to present this information at Ignite OKC 7. Enjoy the video! It was a lot of fun! Consequently, no one wanted to give me their business card after the event was over. Oops! :)

Born during the 1500s as a way to announce the coming of royal and aristocratic families, the business card, as we now call it, is still doing the same thing-announcing. Who you are, what you do, where you do it at, and how I can do it with you (wink, wink). So, just what is your business card announcing about you? You’d be surprised.

  1. What kind of paper was this printed on? The flimsy white cardstock that business cards use to be printed on has now evolved to include many mediums. Standard cardstock is a little bit thicker nowadays. You can even see people printing on plastic or thin sheets of wood. Even metal is gaining ground. What you choose to print on can say a lot about your business.
  2. What kind of printing/typesetting did you use? Typically, flat printing is the way to go with business cards. Although, there are a myriad of options that include embossing, engraving, letterpress, foil, and many others. Creativity is at no loss when choosing a method to print (or impress) your paper.
  3. Will this fit in my wallet or not? I know, I know, you want your card to stand out. BUT, if it doesn’t fit in my wallet, chances are, it’s going to get left out. So, all of these super thick and/or die cut cards just won’t cut it. I received a card from a lady (it was gorgeous) that was letterpressed on DTC (that’s double thick coverstock) and die cut in a fancy bracket shape. Lovely. Where is it today? Couldn’t tell you. It wouldn’t fit in my card organizer or my wallet.
  4. Is this a card I want to even keep in my wallet? I don’t know about you, but only certain cards make it to the coveted pocket in my wallet. My accountant, my banker, my lawn guy, the card from the doctor with your next appointment time on it; Ya know, the important stuff. If you sell beads…on Saturdays…at the craft fair…once a month, you’re going in my business card organizer. Maybe.
  5. How thick or thin is it? Okay, back to the thickness thing. If it’s too thin, it’s viewed as cheap. If it’s too thick, you probably paid too much. And trust me, when it comes to business cards there is a such thing as too thick.
  6. Just white? So, in a world full of color, white was the only background color you could come up with? Because you want your card to stand out among the other white cards….riiiight. I’m not against white, but make sure you have some other major colors popping off that white background and a great paper to print on.
  7. What kind of texture is this? I am not hating on texture. I like it. Ribbed, silk, linen, etc. Just make sure it’s not overdone. It should be functional. If the print is not working with the texture, let the texture go.
  8. Did you design this card yourself? Finding clipart via Microsoft Word and searching for images on Google is not what’s up when you are designing your card. If you designed it yourself, chances are it looks like it. And I instantly think, “dude, if you’re gonna cut corners, this is not the one to cut.” Do yourself a favor and hire a professional to design a logo and business set. You can thank me later.
  9. Did you print this card yourself? Once again, you DIYers, this is not always the best choice. If I see another perforated edge on a business card…Lord, help me. And yes, I can tell when you are using the “Avery Clean Edge” cards that you printed on your Deskjet printer. (In my Cyrus Bean voice) Please. Don’t. Do that!
  10. What the font is going on? Okay, make a choice. When in doubt, no more than two fonts please. And a great rule of thumb: one accent font and one block font. The accent can be scripty and fun, but all of your pertinent information needs to be in the block font so that it’s easy to read. I prefer a sans serif, but that’s just me. Just make sure it’s clean and easy to ready.
  11. Soooo, what do you do again? In my Jay-Z voice, “I got 99 things on my card, but what I do ain’t one.” Keep it simple. At a minimum, I need your name, WHAT YOU DO, and how to contact you.
  12. Did you order these on Vistaprint? Stop that. I can tell. Have a seat in the corner until you understand that spending a little money on your business cards is not going to hurt you. It will help you. Free and/or cheap cards say exactly that.
  13. Why is your address not on here? I get it. You’re starting out. This was your first batch of cards. You don’t have an office yet. I’m not hating. But, people do notice it. As soon as you can, get a PO Box.
  14. Is this your personal email? I don’t know why this irritates me most. If you have a business and do not have a dedicated URL and a website, then I am having some major second thoughts about possibly doing business with you. If you do have a dedicated URL and a website but you are still using an @gmail/@yahoo/@mail/@somebodyelseotherthanyourbusiness, then you’re kinda telling on yourself and your lack of tech savviness. Step into the 21st century and get a business email with your own personal URL. It’s really simple and easy to do. And, you can still use your current email client to receive all of your emails in the same place. It’s even easier if you’re using GMAIL. If it’s over your head or you just don’t want to be bothered with trying to figure it out, shoot me an email and I’ll do it for you…For real.
  15. Where’s the closest trashcan? I feel sad when I have to do this. I get no joy from it. But if your card offers me nothing to look at and enjoy and provides no real information, I’m throwing it in the trash. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, a little part of me cries because I could have helped them. If only they would have reached out….

So, this is your opportunity! Let’s meet! Let’s get together. Let’s hook you up with a logo and business card. For more information and to schedule your free initial consultation with an Arjaybi’s Concepts representative, contact us below.

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