Got a great question from a client today:

Regina, can you give me a suggestion of the best site to build a website?

Why yes, I can! Here’s my response:

WordPress (WP) has the best Content Management Software (CMS) out there! There are other good ones (Joomla, Drupal, blah blah blah), but nothing has come close to WP. Check out their notable users HERE. It is easy to use and can also be very encompassing depending on how much you want to do with your site.

I recommend Bluehost if you need hosting for your website. I am an affiliate of theirs, but man oh man are they good! The support is phenomenal and the interface is very user friendly. They even have a “One Click” install for WordPress.

GoDaddy is probably the most popular, but I do believe they have not grown at the same rate as their constituency. The support has dropped over the years and they make it very difficult to transfer or work with other entities. They want all of your business and then they don’t treat you well when they get it.

Because of WP’s popularity, it has a lot of benefits. The biggest being numerous themes for free (I would only get those from WP) or for a small fee. Let me caution you, when it comes to paying for a theme you typically get what you pay for. So cheap themes (less than $30) with no or poor reviews are a red flag. But when you install WP it usually comes with three free themes just to get you started.

WP also has it’s issues. The biggest being the amount of spam that it can receive. However, there are many free to cheap methods that you can use to combat the issue. I personally use Akismet. Very very effective. Like…a miracle. I think I pay $60 for the year.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance on any of these steps.

Making Magic for Your Business,

You may be thinking, “but don’t you build websites?” And the answer is yes. But, we are in business for the small businesses out there. Sometimes, when you’re starting out, you may not have the big bucks to have someone build your website for you. There is a learning curve, but anyone can build a website these days.  There are many times, that we have walked other small or micro business owners through their own DIY Web project. You can do it too. We are there for you as a consultant, service provider or just a cheerleader along the way. We’re in business for you…so you can get back to business.