You’ve finished cosmetology or barber school, gotten your license and now you’re ready to start working. But first, you need clients. Where do you begin? A custom website is one great way to start building your client base. Here are three reasons why every hair stylist and barber needs a website.

1To market yourself

You cannot hide under a rock when you’re a stylist or barber. To gain the business you want, people have to know who you are. Your custom website acts as your 24/7 marketing tool because it constantly works for you. Whether you work for a salon or independently, a website promotes your personal brand and allows you to market yourself as an expert in your field.

2To get ahead of the competition

All it takes is a quick online search to find thousands of entries for hairstylists or barbers in your area. Where do you fall within that search? If built properly, a custom website will help you fall onto the first page or two of a search results list, which increases your visibility and lands you clients.

3To establish credibility

In this world of options, the majority tends to do business with people they trust. You need to show potential clients that you are a legitimate business and a professional who takes your craft seriously. Consider adding before and after photos to your website, as well as a bio or about page so clients can get to know you.

Don’t let the word “custom” fool you. A professionally built website actually can be very affordable. Arjaybi’s Concepts offers many different options that work within your budget without sacrificing design.

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