10 Weeks: Plan your theme and book photographer. Your theme will include a color scheme and a venue. Some great local venues include the Myriad Botanical Gardens, Downtown OKC, the Plaza District OKC Thunder Mural, Lake Hefner, the Paseo District, Will Rogers Gardens and the Devon Tower.
 9 weeks: Start gathering addresses. Reach out to your close family and friends to ensure that you have up to date addresses. Keep everything in a spreadsheet to make very easy merging later on when you
 8 weeks: Book your venue. While many of the venues above are free and open to the public, there may be ones that require a booking. If this is the case, this is the perfect time to book it ahead and ensure that you get the spot you want for your photographs. If your photographer is booking the event be sure to confirm the dates with them directly.
 7 weeks: Do a little shopping for your family picture: Family pictures are better when everyone is coordinated. Try not to be too “matchy-matchy,” but be sure to be in-line with your theme.
 6 weeks: Receive your pics. Pick out favorites and get the edited versions in a high-definition format for the best card. Make sure that you pick out the pictures that showcase your family’s personality the best.
 5 weeks: Finalize pics for cards. Don’t feel compelled to pick just one. Use as many that can highlight your family best. A good designer (ahem) will work with you and envision a design that incorporates the pics you choose.
 4 weeks: Finalize your card design with Arjaybi’s Concepts and order. Tip – make sure that you order extra envelopes for those errors. If you have ordered with Arjaybi’s Concepts, we always include extra envelopes with our Holiday Cards.
 3 weeks: Receive cards and address envelopes. Be sure to hand address if possible. Get the whole family involved. Everything is better when done by hand and with love.
 2 weeks: Order stamps! Go with something that reflects your theme from your local post office. You can even personalize stamps with a family picture when you order with Arjaybi’s Concepts.
 1 week: Send your cards out! If you have more than 20 invites, I would recommend taking them directly to the post office to send rather than putting them in your personal mailbox for the mail person to pick up. And be sure to keep extras on-hand just in case you forgot someone. There is nothing like receiving a card in the mail from a friend and having that “doh!” moment. If that happens, be sure to get them a card in the mail ASAP and immediately add them to your growing list.
Ongoing: Be sure to keep envelopes of incoming cards from friends and family. You can use those to update your address books and your mail list for next year.


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