Let’s be honest, planning and executing an event can be stressful. Where to even begin in the planning process can be difficult.

To eliminate the stress, start off with a general checklist! When you come up with an idea of an event you want to do, jot down your ideas as you think of them. After you get all your ideas laid out then the organization can begin.

If you’re presenting your event idea to a group, it’s best to have a clear idea of what your event consists of so that you can eliminate time at the meeting and present a clear and organized plan to your peers. Let’s face it, no one wants to spend hours discussing and brainstorming.

Here’s a generic checklist you can follow to help plan your event:

1. Establish the goals and objectives of the event; make it matter! (Whether it’s for fun or a cause, make sure your event has a purpose behind it)
2. Come up with possible dates, times, and locations. (Have a range of dates and times that would be suitable; you may have to adjust when booking the venue)
3. Come up with a budget. (Have a budget ready and then revise it after you sit down with your group. Also look for any sponsor donations)
4. Research venues/locations. (Look around. Don’t settle on the first one. Bring it to your group, they may have even better ideas. Have a backup plan in case the weather is bad)
5. Recruit your team/committee and delegate tasks. (When you’re bringing your ideas to the table, delegate tasks and don’t put all the pressure on yourself. That’s what a team is for)
6. If you have any entertainers or special guests book them asap. (Make sure your special guests are booked in advance especially if they’re a public figure)
7. Create a publicity plan and find a graphic artist that will create your materials. (cough cough…Arjaybi’s Concepts)
8. Check in and regroup with your team. (Whether it’s sitting down or communicating via technology, see how the progresses of tasks are going)

Now that you have created your checklist, we hope you find this helpful!