The title of today’s post is rhetorical. I’m not the Marketing Police here to write you up for not having a plan. But, I do want you to think about where your business is headed this year. What good are the ideas you have if the execution isn’t carried out flawlessly?

Having a strategic marketing communications plan is the ticket to organizing your thoughts and key dates so that it’s effective and reaches your audience properly. Let me put this in perspective for you.

Idea: Releasing a new product or service

Your role:

  • Creating it
  • Testing it
  • Tweaking it
  • Finalizing it

Our role:

  • Looking at this how this new product or service fits into your business goals
  • Thinking of the minor details (When will it be released? Who are you targeting? Why is it a benefit to your audience?)
  • Creating the essential tactics you need to promote the product/service
  • Keeping open communication between you and your audience so they understand why they need (or want) this product/service
  • Telling your story to build relationships with you and your business

 Why fill both roles if you don’t have to?

The Arjaybi’s Concepts team now includes a skilled communications professional with nearly 10 years of experience strategizing marketing plans for two “Fortune 100 Best Places to Work For” companies in Oklahoma City. We are fully equipped to be your “on-site” marketing team, standing by your side to contribute to your success.

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