Local graphic designers have been getting the cold shoulder lately. There are several websites that advertise custom graphic design and writing services at a hugely discounted rate. The contractor promises to have two custom designs delivered within 24 hours and you only have to pay $5. For a small-business owner on a budget, we understand how that deal could be enticing. But after being burned a couple times from discount deals similar to these, we always remind ourselves that you get what you pay for.

What am I Really Getting for $5?

We understand everyone is on a budget…and who wouldn’t want a flier or logo created for $5? Truthfully, while it’s great that options are available to meet everyone’s needs, you need to be aware of what you’re actually getting with discount sites. The important thing is to get educated on your options so you make the right choice for your personality and business.

Here is Arjaybi’s Concepts’ list of the top 7 differences you should know between local graphic designers and discount websites.

  1. If you need us, we are only a phone call away and can meet in person at your convenience. With discount graphic design websites – There is no personal contact. There is also the possibility that the person will not be easy to reach if you have questions or concerns about your project.
  2. We get to know you, your project needs and tastes, and what works with your brand. With discount graphic design websites – Contractors are usually only interested in working on one project and don’t take the time to get to know you or your brand.
  3. We ask questions to make sure the project you request is in line with your brand and business goals. If it takes a couple tries to get it just right, that’s okay. With discount graphic design websites – You are one of several projects and the service you get is typically on par with what you paid (quick, cheap and easy).
  4. We have a reputation and client base that can vouch for our service and quality. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and we do whatever it takes to make sure you’re thrilled with your final product. With discount graphic design websites – Results are inconsistent.
  5. When we say custom we mean it. Our staff is trained in the latest design software and trends and can take your concept and turn it into reality. No one else will have your look. With discount graphic design websites – Because they crank out so many projects, they also crank out the same projects. Your design is the same as someone else’s just with different words. Not unique at all.
  6. Do you want to make small edits yourself? Do you have your own printer? That’s fine! We are happy to give you editable artwork so that you can use it however you see fit. With discount graphic design websites – Many times, they do not give you
    editable files.
  7. We (and other custom local graphic designers) are not usually the cheapest. But what you pay for is all the above and then some. If you want a partner on your side, who understands your business and your brand, then using a discount design website is probably not for you. With discount graphic design websites – Last but not least, you get what you pay for.

Local Graphic Designers Offer Flexible Services

Local graphic designers will often work with you based on your budget. For example, at Arjaybi’s Concepts, we offer low, ideal and top-of-the-line ranges for most project so you can choose what works best for your budget. If the price is still too much for you, you can choose a-la-carte services and build your own package. We want you to feel in control of the project and, most importantly, feel comfortable that you’re receiving quality service at a price you can afford. If the person or company you’re working with isn’t flexible or willing to stay within your means, it might be best to keep looking for someone who truly understands your needs.

Local Graphic Designers Become an Extension of your Team

With a local creative, you can visit them during crucial campaigns and make necessary contact when deadlines are approaching. If the project is being printed, you are able to connect with the designer who can deliver a hard copy proof of the design before it goes to print. If your team is meeting about an upcoming project, you can invite a local designer in to be a part of the team discussion. At Arjaybi’s Concepts, we pride ourselves on our team becoming your team. And, your goals becoming our goals. Essentially, their team

We hope this helps you choose the best route for your next project. Stay tuned for more tips like this in the future. Sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!