Thank you all for hanging with us this week! It has flown by. We have had great discussions about the building blocks of a small business brand. To recap, the first three elements we’ve covered so far include 1) logos, 2) websites and 3) public relations. Now it’s time to dive into the fourth block: social media.

Social media isn’t going anywhere. Now more than ever, brands are using it to connect with customers and sell (without really selling). If you’re not on the bandwagon, it’s time you jump on because you’re missing huge opportunities to boost your brand. If you are using it, we’ll give you a couple tips to make sure you’re using its full potential.


How does social media boost your brand?

It does a few things. First, just like we discussed how people search for new companies/products on the Internet, you need to realize that the majority of those same people are also searching for you on social media. Why? Because if they like you, they want to be your friend and follow you. And that’s your chance to engage with your audience to make them like you even more. It’s an opportunity to talk with them daily. It opens the door to conversation. When you’re active on social media (after all, it’s called SOCIAL media for a reason!), it shows your customers that you’re staying relevant and that you’re fully invested in your business and in them personally.

Plus, social media is FREE – it costs zero dollars to setup an account, post pictures and chat. Try to post at least one thing a day. Ask open-ended questions. Quickly respond to comments, questions and direct messages. Post photos that apply to your brand and whatever product or service you offer. Make it relevant!

If you’re doing this, it’s the very bare minimum of what you COULD be doing. There are paid ads you can use to target specific groups or areas of people. You could be super active and post multiple times a day. You can host giveaways and contests to further engage with your audience. The sky is the limit–this is your chance to get creative and show the uniqueness of your brand. That being said, all of these things are most effective when you have a plan.

What is a social media plan?

A social media plan is the best way to keep all of your activity organized and planned. It’s an outline of the platforms you’re using and your communications approach for each platform (what you say and how you say it). It could also include your budget and dates for the targeted ads you plan on publishing. You can leave space to keep track of analytics and determine the types of messages your audience likes the most. This will give you insight into whether your communication needs to change.

If you’re currently using social media, but don’t yet have a plan, you should seriously consider making one. It will give you focus and clarity around using social media to benefit your business. If you’re going to spend time on social media, make IT work for YOU. Be intentional.

The great thing about social media is that you can easily adapt it to fit your business and your needs. We can help you come up with a simple, effective plan to help you maximize your efforts. We can also manage your brand’s social media for you. Let’s talk about where your business needs to go and how social media can help you get there. Contact us to get started with your free social media consultation!

Tomorrow, we reveal the fifth building block…mark your calendar to come back and join us!

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