Today we are decoding the fifth and final building block of a small business brand: marketing materials. This week, we’ve mainly discussed intangible elements: logos, websites, public relations and social media. All of these items have a high impact on your brand without requiring any print whatsoever. Yet, you still need some high-quality, printed marketing materials. You need something to leave with your customers that they can hold and keep. (And maybe even hang on their refrigerator or put in their office!)

The point is that once you’ve shared your business with someone, you need to leave behind a good impression…and actually LEAVE something with them. Here are the items that should make up your business stationery set.


1. Business cards: Gotta have them. They’ve been around for nearly 1700 years. We don’t think they’re going anywhere. The card should include all the pertinent information they need to contact you: business logo, business name, your name, what you do and how to contact or visit you.

2. Brochure: This acts as an extension of your business card. You can share a little bit about your brand’s story (what makes you unique) and showcase your most popular products and services. This is also a great leave-behind piece, so make sure it’s eye-catching and something that people want to keep.

3. Letterhead and envelopes: Sometimes you need to send a letter or thank you note. And for those times, you need to have professional letterhead and/or notecards and matching envelopes. Don’t skimp on this step. Custom letterhead on good quality paper makes your brand look luxurious and modern.

4. Email signature line: We realize this isn’t technically a print piece, but given how much we email these days it almost qualifies. Make sure you have a professional email signature with additional information that the recipient may need to know. (I.e. Social media links, website URL, tagline, etc.) If you’re still signing off with only your name or initials (or worse: a nickname!) , you need to start making some changes. Come on…it’s the digital age.

5. Promotional products: If you really want to take it up one more inch, have one or two promotional items you can leave with people you meet. Pens are a cheap and easy way to start. A more expensive option could be a notebook or tablet cover. The great part is that there are several options available that work with multiple options. Whatever you choose doesn’t have to break the bank, but will have high impact with your customers.

What do I do now?

After you’ve covered these basics that we highlighted all week, you can expand from there into video and digital marketing, good PR and FULL OUT marketing campaigns that cover several mediums. The possibilities are endless. You can customize everything according to your budget, goals and brand. One size doesn’t fit all here – so get creative and think about how you can stand out from everyone else. What makes you YOU? Better yet, why would people want to do business with you? All of these basic building blocks bring together your entire marketing strategy so you can start getting the results you want.

Sometimes you just need to talk out your ideas with a creative mind. We offer free consultations for brands that want to get started with a marketing strategy. When you work with us, you can build your own plan and only pay for what you actually NEED. We don’t have big, fancy plans filled with items that may not work for your brand. You are in control of your business, so you should be in control over the marketing elements you implement. We’re just here to be a guide and help you determine the best path.

Get started today with your free consultation and start building a better brand today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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