Protecting your website with a security and maintenance package will give you peace of mind in those moments when the unexpected occur with your website.

Building a website is a lot like building a house. There is a lot that goes into the process. And given the variety of website platforms and content management software (CMS) used, there are still three things that remain essential for both building a website and building a home:

  1. Having a place to build your website – Your website hosting service
  2. Having an address for others to find you – Your domain address or URL
  3. Having an actual place to visit! – Your website

Man drawing a house blueprint in nature

And just like in real life, brand new or old, that website (your house) will need some maintenance along the way. Websites don’t just maintain themselves. But, then again, what does?

Here is our checklist for website security:

  1. BACKUP – You need to backup your site on a regular basis. Backups are important because they keep a copy of your site whenever changes are made. If for some reason things go awry, you can always go back to your latest version. There are numerous products available, both free and paid, for WordPress platforms.
  2. SECURITY – Just like your home, you have to keep it secure. Unfortunately, there are others who would actually seek to do harm to your site, steal private information or others wreak havoc, just because they can. Having a program that can stand watch at the gate of your website is a smart move.
  3. UPDATES – Regardless of your content management system or what theme you may be using, there are bound to be some changes along the way. Shoot, the internet may change someday. Who knows?! But when those changes occur, it can throw off the balance of your current site.]Imagine the ground shifting underneath your home. Or, perhaps you want to enhance your site with new features. These plugins and widgets need to play well together in order for your site to operate fully. Keeping these items up to date is among the best practices for your maintaining a secure website.


Ultimate Website Security Maintenance Package


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