What if I told you that it were possible to have a business card that was both unique and creative, helping you stand out in the crowd of business cards with one cheap change?
It’s possible!
Look, everyone knows that a business card is essential to dong business. It is the ticket in the door and the leave behind to keep the door open with potential customers and clients. Everyone wants to stand out with a creative card.  Most do it with a different shape or card thickness and pops of color. These options can quickly get very expensive, busting the budget and making it hard to maintain over time.
We, at Arjaybi’s Concepts, believe you can achieve a creative design and still stand out with this one change: changing your paper. Whhhaaa??? Yes. Your choice of paper can make a huge difference when coupled with a unique design.

So, here are three steps to make a unique, creative business card design that will help you stand out in the crowd and on a budget:

  1. Design Comes First. You have to have a unique design that fits with your brand. Explore creative elements like color and differences slightly off from the norm. This can be achieved through graphic design or differences in the paper like rounded corners.
  2. Information is Critical. You’d be surprised how many business cards don’t contain critical information. At the minimum, you need your name, phone, email and what you do.
  3. Now Stand Out. Bypass your typical uncoated and matte paper, and choose a paper that adds a little texture. Our top picks are silk or suede textured cards. Imagine, handing someone your card and their instant response is “what kind of paper is this?”. You are now in a class by yourself. The card they remember. The card they pull out to show other people.
Congratulations, you have just achieved “stand out” ability with one change. And without expensive die cuts or over priced options such as letterpress or thermography printing.
Of course, Arjaybi’s Concepts offers unique card designs and a myriad of paper textures that will help your card stand out. Sometime’s it’s worth it to spend just a little bit extra to make the extra difference.