Seven years. Seven. The number of completion. Perfection. There are seven days in a week and seven colors in the rainbow. It just feels right, doesn’t it? Complete. And if I meditate on it, I begin to think of the scripture James 1:4 “But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

Ah, patience.

It’s not too often that we couple patience and perfection in the same sentence. Patience is something we’re all working on. And in this microwave-verruca-salt  society, I have to be laser focused on Godly principles that typically don’t line up with the world’s view. [Y’all know I think in song. It’s a common musical theatre head condition.]

Let’s back that scripture up to verse 2: “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

There it is. “Count it all joy.”[Joy actually happens to be my middle name. So, I kinda don’t have an excuse.] This last year has been a year of “various trials.” And when I say various, I mean various. All sorts.

My Seven Trials

  • Running a rapidly growing business – running a business that is growing is a lot like playing catch up…all the time. I haven’t felt like I have gotten ahead of the pace just yet. But, I am getting closer. The hardest part has been dealing with the feeling of playing catch up. I just don’t like it one bit.
  • Being mom and wife to three growing girls and busy husband – Being a mother is like being command central. You are the calendar, the chauffeur, the advocate, the comforter. And the collision of wife and motherhood can be like a beautiful storm.


  • Leading a dynamic group of fantastic creatives – I don’t know it happens, but I tend to attract some of the best people to work with. Whether it’s volunteering as Board Chair for IgniteOKC or working with my fantastic Arjaybi’s crew everyday. They have carried me this year. And there is nothing like being out of town and knowing that your team has it under control. Together, we roll hard.


  • Managing bills, payments, bookkeeping, invoices, estimates, and proposals – lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my! This is truly me facing my fears. Dealing with numbers has always brought me some level of anxiety. I have come quite a long way, but I have a great deal of distance to cover before I am proficient at a level I am comfortable with.


  • Staying on top of my game as I connect with amazing business leaders and help them build their brands – meeting with clients and brainstorming with them on how to make their brands great is the BEST part of my job. Oftentimes, I think if whether I just created this whole business idea so that I could connect and meet new people.


  • Trying to maintain health with wise food choices and exercise – this has probably been the hardest. When I am stressed, I eat. And gaining 15 pounds over the course of 3 months has its own set of challenges. And apparently, being sedentary all day is not a good thing either. Which is hard to combat, when you’re trying to “catch up.” Which is hard when you’re trying to build something great. It’s a never ending double-dutch. I’m just trying to jump in there!


  • Trying my hardest to take care of aging parents and a brother with cancer – A reality of getting older, means your parents get older as well. Mine are 77 and 66. They are both in decent health, but they are aging. And, that has its side effects. Calling to check in or otherwise catch up has become a treasure in the midst of my busy days. However, when cancer decides to visit your family, it takes everything to another level. I don’t know of a stronger fighter, more capable of kicking cancer’s behind, than my brother. Once again, he will stand face to face with adversity and show it who’s boss.

It’s been a year y’all! Trying to make sure that personal doesn’t bleed into business and vice versa has been like walking a tightrope with no net. Appointments have to get pushed around, kids may need to be sent with friends for a later pickup, lots of traveling on the road and air, and lots of coffee to stay up through it all.


I am learning patience. I have in no way mastered it. But, I am growing. My faith is being tested on a daily basis. If I were left just to the testing, I might have folded. I just might have given up. BUT my hope is in verse 4: If I let patience have it’s perfect work, I will be “perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

Here’s the seven years. Cheers.