If your email signature is lacking a little pizazz, this guide will help you create the best email signature for your business.
Before you begin to create your best email signature line, you must fist understand the anatomy of an email signature. Ever effective signature block includes the following components:
  1. Your Name
  2. Who you work for/What you do
  3. How people can contact you
Basic. Simple. Easy. You can expand it by including your title and any social media links that are connected toy our business. I believe in keeping things simple so links to publications, accolades or other side hustles, is over the top for me. Keep it clean and simple and easy. If you have other ventures, create a separate email address and signature line. Now we just need to make it look good with great design.
Believe it or not, the best place to start is in Microsoft Word. I know, right?! You can literally build your signature here and then copy and paste into your favorite email client. Gmail may need some tweaking, but we’ll cover that below. Follow these steps to create your best email signature:

Follow these steps to create your best email signature:

  1. Choose your font. Make sure that it is one that is in line with your brand and follows your brand guidelines. (If you don’t have a style guide for your brand, holly at us. We can totally hook you up).
  2. Keep your fonts below 14pt. I recommend 12pt. No smaller than 10pt.
  3. Signature lines should go in the following order:
    1. Your Name
    2. Your Title
    3. Your logo, if applicable. However, if using gmail, your artwork will need to be added separately within their email client.
    4. Your contact information
  4. Now that you have your signature crafted, you can literally copy and paste your signature into your email client. We have step-by-steps below for Gmail and Outlook.


From your inbox, click on the settings wheel.
Screenshot 2016-07-17 19.11.22
Click on “Settings”
Screenshot 2016-07-17 19.13.11
From the “General” tab, scroll down to “Signature”
Copy and paste. Make sure the line where you want your logo to go is clear. Then click on the picture icon.
Screenshot 2016-07-17 20.20.53
Follow the prompts to insert your logo into the signature. You can even adjust the size of the logo within that signature box.
Occasionally, Gmail will say that your signature is “too long.  Please try a shorter signature.” I have found great success is copying the email signature from within the Gmail signature box—being very careful not to include any extra spaces or paragraph lines after the signature—deleting and then pasting back into the box.
Make sure that you save your changes at the bottom of the page.


It’s a literal copy and paste. Here are the steps to take:
From the Outlook menu, click on “Preferences”
Screenshot 2016-07-19 07.30.31
Next, click on “Signatures”
Screenshot 2016-07-19 07.31.50
Click on the + sign in the bottom left corner to add an email signature. Copy and paste your signature from Word. To hyperlink text and/or images, please highlight your selection and right click to open up the menu of choices. Choose “Hyperlink” and follow the prompts.


Be sure to add your hyperlinks to images and text and you are ready to go!