Learn how to build a better logo for your company by having all of the necessary components included.
Just like every good cake, following the recipe is important to achieve success. So, when you are building a better logo, you have to follow the recipe to achieve great results.
It Starts with the Current Trends
According to the latest logo trends mentioned in the latest logo report in GDUSA, “simplicity is king.” Keeping your logo simple and clean is definitely the trend that we are following in our offices. I tend to have two thoughts when I am creating a logo: 1) can it be embroidered and 2) what does it look like in one color?
I ask these questions for a few reasons. When I ask if it can be embroidered, I am challenging the thought that this logo can be easily transferred to different mediums. Can it be screen printed? etched into metal? We want to create a logo for our clients that doesn’t pose too much trouble when they take it to another platform. Too often logos are too busy, too big and too expensive to recreate on different mediums. We like to keep it simple, classic and timeless.
When we ask how it would look in one color, we want to be sure that if it is being used on simple platform, that it is versatile enough to still look good in one color. These are things that business owners don’t think about until they are confronted with the artwork proof for a promotional product and the details of their complicated logo are lost. These are things that you need to think about ahead of time before committing fully to a logo design.
What Makes Up a Logo
At Arjaybi’s Concepts, we typically follow a simple recipe when building a logo. You can’t go wrong with the following components:
  1. Your Brand Name – This is the name of your company in its typeface. It should be readable, which is the distinguishing difference between that and your brand mark (see below). A brand name can include brand marks that make it distinguishable, but typically, it is just the name of the brand.
how to make a logo-02
  1. Your Brand Mark – Your brand mark is a distinguishing mark that identifies your brand from others. It could be a color combination, a graphic element or a distinguished typeface. At Arjaybi’s Concepts, we typically have a separate graphic element that can stand alone once brand awareness is established.
how to make a logo-01
how to make a logo-03
  1. Your Tagline – a tagline is a simple sentence or phrase that quickly expresses your value to prospective clients and current clientele. It is not uncommon to have a tagline as a part of your full logo. Of course, in order to achieve more versatility, it should not be included every time you post your logo.
how to make a logo-04
The Different Variations of a Logo
It can be beneficial to have different variations of your logo so that it can fit within different spaces. Once again, the goal is versatility within the brand. Here are a few variations that we like to include as a part of the logos that we build:
  1. The Full Logo
LMason_logo final_LD-01
  1. The Landscape Logo
  1. The Stacked or Variation Logo
LMason_logo full_long_LD-01
  1. The Brand Mark
LMason_logo final_HD_crop-01
We’d love to get your logo in shape if you already have one. If not, then it’s time to contact Arjaybi’s Concepts to get your logo taken care of. We have a quality packed logo package that includes over 20 logo formats and files–at a minimum. We also include a style guide on how to use your logo after you leave us. The best thing, our prices are hard to be for the quality.
Contact us today for more information on what it will take for Arjaybi’s Concepts to get started on your logo package today.
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