The Power Behind Hashtags Pt. 1- Why Should I Use them?

Today in the world of advertising, social media is crucial to branding and product/service awareness. Especially for entrepreneurs. You are left with marketing for yourself. There are different social media platforms that cater to the different kinds of content you may want to display to your audience. One each of these platforms have in common is hashtags!

If you are not using hashtags, you should be. They can be used for engagement and awareness purposes. Many people are misinformed on the benefit behind hashtags. While some people may think it’s just something fun to insert at the end of your caption, it is actually useful for much more. There is an art behind the use of hashtags that can take your post beyond just the eyes of your followers.

Let’s take a quick glance at some of the benefits of a hashtag:

  • They are searchable links that allow to find and connect with content from other users that are using the same hashtag.
  • They help you connect with people of similar interests.
  • They are universal and can be used on any social media platform.
  • They can take your content beyond the eyes of your followers.
  • Hashtags can lead viewers back to your profile which creates an opportunity for new followers.

Now that you learned a quick summary of why you should use hashtags, we now want to teach you how to use hashtags. No worries! Stay tuned for Part 2 on how to properly use hashtags and what free tools are available to help you figure out which ones to use. #hashtagitup