Deciding on which hashtag to use depends on the industry that you are in. However, no matter what industry or service you offer, a very important rule of thumb to follow when it comes to using hashtags is to “use only hashtags that are relevant to your brand, industry and target audience.” (Hootsuite, 2016).

Here are 4 tips that we have gathered to help you choose the right ones.
– Look at other major influencers and competitors in your industry and see what hashtags they are using.
– Look at your previous posts to see which hashtags worked. Remember, using hashtags is a process of trial and error. It takes time to build engagement and reach more followers.
– Use Instagram’s search tool. When you type in a hashtag in the tags tab, Instagram will give you the number of times the hashtag was used as well as a list of related/popular hashtags.
– Research! There are free tools available that will generate popular hashtags for you such as and hashme.

Still have questions? Not a problem, we offer services to help you manage your social media.