Summer months are a great time to take a good look at your marketing goals and readdress where you are, realign your collateral with your goals and even rebrand if you need to. Let’s take a look at some popular summer projets that you can take on for your professional business.

Readdress where you are

  • Update website copy to reflect current marketing goals.
  • Remove static images on your website to reflect an updated look.
  • Switch up colors and layouts on your website but remain within your brand color palette.
  • Visit social media and website analytics to learn more about your visitors.
  • Switch up social media brand elements for something new.
  • Update your marketing plan to reflect any new goals.

Realign your marketing collateral with your goals

  • After readdressing where you are, you may see that your marketing collateral needs some updates.
  • Invest in new promotional products for upcoming tradeshows and conventions.
  • Target a new market with a brochure or postcard.
  • Target an old market in a new way with a video or newsletter.

Rebrand if you need to

  • Update logos and style guides to showcase your growth or open in a new market.
  • Update website theme to communicate changes.
  • Get new signage to reflect the new brand.
  • Update all internal and marketing collateral to reflect the new brand.