My story

Life was great. I was a young mother, excited to stay home with my children and perfectly content with being a homemaker and caregiver. But following the birth of my third baby, I felt as if my wind had simmered to a slow huff. It was a difficult pregnancy: I was put on bed rest for six months, which was followed by major surgery and a long, difficult recovery. As a person who loved dancing, moving about and interacting with people, the next few years left me sedentary, isolated and depressed. Years passed and the time came to enroll my last child into school. At that moment, I quickly realized that I had no resume, no friends and no recollection of what I wanted to be when I grew up. My tank was on empty.

A counselor helped me realize that I have to keep my tank full before I could give to others; otherwise, I give and run out of gas. So, I did some soul searching. It turns out what keeps my tank full is being creative – performing, creating things and helping people. I made a vow to always keep my tank full. I plugged into my local community theatre and started performing again, volunteering my time for causes I was passionate about and picked up my love affair with paper. Before I knew it, family and friends were actually paying me to create their party invites and personal stationery. And I got the crazy thought that there might actually be a business there. And thus, Arjaybi’s Concepts was born.

Today, Arjaybi’s Concepts employs a small, but amazing team that develops marketing and communication content for other small businesses. Being a small business ourselves, we understand the struggle of trying to run a business. We are experts in graphic design, communications and social media. We provide other small businesses with full marketing support at reasonable rates. We are a dedicated team, working daily to manage projects from start to finish so small business owners don’t have to worry about it. We believe every business has the right to superior marketing and communications services, regardless of budget.

At this moment in time, I am loving life. I’m happy, healthy and fulfilled. My tank is overflowing.

What fills your tank? Email me and let me know!