We are pumped that we get to work with you on this project. We will treat it with as much respect and care as you would. Because we take such pride in our work we would love it if you would, please fill out this creative brief for us.

We understand that you won’t be able to answer everything, just do the best that you can. The more information that you provide, the better we can pinpoint your aim on this project.

If there are any items that we can add to this form to improve it, please send us your suggestions to info@arjaybis.com.

What Happens Next?

Step One

If applicable, our team will review the details of your project and create an estimate of costs. Approval of the estimate and initial payment is needed before any design work can begin.

Step Two

Once the estimate is approved an invoice is sent for payment and we can begin to work on your project. Each project we design is custom. This takes time and communication between you and us. Most projects have two rounds of revisions. We can accommodate for more revisions at an additional fee. Once the design is finalized, we send to you for final approval.

Step Three

Once the designs are approved, we will send in final formats.

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